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Big picture is a magazine published twice a year by the Wellcome Trust as an educational resource focussing on cutting-edge science. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic. Student activities and additional articles can be found online....
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2.8/5 (965 votos)
Sábado, 27 Junio 2009 30844 visitas
Nanoforum is a great resource for information related to nanotechnology. Their website offers an extensive database of information on different issues related to nanotechnology, including a wide range of news on the latest nanotechnology...
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2.8/5 (391 votos)
Sábado, 20 Junio 2009 34538 visitas
Power of small is part of Fred Friendly Seminars television series. The show brings together a group of experts from different fields to discuss various aspects of nanotechnologies and engage in role-play exercises where they are confronted with...
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2.8/5 (975 votos)
Sábado, 20 Junio 2009 30608 visitas
NanoWhat? was a nanotechnology roadshow organised in the East Midlands in 2008 by The University of Nottingham. Educational resources are available through this online portal and include several short videos on different aspects of nanotechnology.
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2.6/5 (1089 votos)
Sábado, 20 Junio 2009 31163 visitas
DragonflyTV presents the Nanoshpere: a space where you will find videos about different aspects of Nanotechnologies and the Nanoscale, hands-on activities, and games.
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3.0/5 (541 votos)
Miércoles, 20 Mayo 2009 28076 visitas

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