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SPMage is an international contest that selects the most beautiful images from the nanoworld. These atomic scale images of particles and matter are made with Scaning Probe Microscopes. These tools have enabled scientists to lead ahead in research....
  • Currently 2.65/5
2.7/5 (707 votos)
Miércoles, 16 Septiembre 2009 30294 visitas
FOTCIENCIA is a scientific photography competition organised by CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) and FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnologia). Their objective is to bridge the gap between science and the...
  • Currently 2.75/5
2.7/5 (449 votos)
Miércoles, 16 Septiembre 2009 30449 visitas
NANO presents the world of nanoscience through an interactive aesthetic experience. The exhibition is brought to you in collaboration by LACMALab and the UCLA team of nanoscience, media arts, and humanities experts. The exhibition not only merges...
  • Currently 2.83/5
2.8/5 (1117 votos)
Miércoles, 16 Septiembre 2009 30214 visitas
Zero@wavefunction is a collaborative art and science project created by Victoria Vesna, media artist and Professor at the department of Design of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and James Gimzewski, nanoscientist and Professor of...
  • Currently 2.74/5
2.7/5 (325 votos)
Miércoles, 16 Septiembre 2009 28632 visitas
Blue Morph is an interactive installation that uses nanoscale images and sounds from the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It is the result of the collaboration between Victoria Vesna, media artist and Professor at the department of...
  • Currently 2.87/5
2.9/5 (999 votos)
Miércoles, 16 Septiembre 2009 32358 visitas

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