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The ObservatoryNANO is a project funded by the European Commission with the mission to create a European Observatory on Nanotechnologies in order to present reliable, complete and responsible science-based and economic expert analysis, across...
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2.9/5 (333 votos)
Lunes, 11 Enero 2010 29613 visitas
Nanotechnology is a 26' film, aimed particularly at a young audience, which seeks to both inform and raise interest in nanotechnology and research. It was awarded a prize under the category "film dealing with education" at the TECHFILM festival in...
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Lunes, 21 Diciembre 2009 28133 visitas
Nanowerk is one of the main sources of information related to nanotechnology and nanoscience. This website provides information on nanotechnologies, the properties of the nanoscale, as well as the latest news coverage on nanotechnology developments,...
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Jueves, 05 Noviembre 2009 30236 visitas
In this image gallery by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, there are lots of beautiful pictures related to nanotechnologies, as well as some short videos on some of their applications: such as drug delivery or photovoltaics....
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Jueves, 05 Noviembre 2009 33339 visitas
Have you ever wondered how a nanotechnology lab is set up? Are you interested in discovering how nanotechnologists make use of their research? Come in and see for yourself how research is conducted by entering the lab through this video, brought to...
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Viernes, 16 Octubre 2009 33868 visitas

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