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QuèQuiCom is a Science communication program that explains science that affects people's life. In this chapter devoted to Nanotechnology a group of students visit Barcelona Science Park and the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona.
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Jueves, 24 Marzo 2011 20389 visitas
Nano Novels is the result of Julie Freeman’s artist residency with Professor Jeremy Ramsden, at the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Centre, Cranfield University, UK. Nano Novels gather 16 graphic artworks, inspired by nanotechnology. Each...
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Jueves, 24 Febrero 2011 19995 visitas
Swiss Nano-Cube is a Swiss knowledge and education platform that aims to strengthen the education of micro and nanotechnologies in schools, in the professional world and in everyday life. Their website offers basic information on...
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This video shows some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Nokia Morph is a joint nanotechnology concept, developed Sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda si esprimono sia il sito britannico live Casino...
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Lunes, 29 Noviembre 2010 24452 visitas
In the 2020 Science blog by Andrew Maynard you will find posts on emerging science and technology, with a great deal of them focusing on nanotechnology, but also covering other areas such as synthetic biology or environment. Andrew Maynard is a...
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Viernes, 26 Noviembre 2010 20071 visitas

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