Nanºart - seeing the invisible

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Nan°art is an art project produced by artists Alessandro Scali and Robin Goode in collaboration with the physics department at the Politecnico di Torino.

In the artists' words, "to establish a contact with that parallele, invisible and for most of us unknown world means, for art, to discover surprising and powerful technologies and revolutionary ways of expression that promote the development of new asthetic approaches, alternative points of view, different interpretations of the world.

"The collision – or to better say the meeting – of art with nanotechnology brings to the creation of artworks most of the times unaccessible to human eyes, that represents a concrete aesthetic paradox: an invisible visual art."

In the Nanºart website you will see some images of artworks done at the micro and the nanoscale which have been part of several exhibitions. You can also visit the projects blog or see a video on the creation of one of their artworks.