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Material Age 11-13 Age 14-18 Key words
NANOYOU film Nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanoscale, nature, applications, future, scanning tunneling microscope, molecular machines,
Power points      
Discover the secrets of the nanoworld Nanoscale properties, seeing Nano, making Nano, nature, nanotechnology applications
Benefits and risks for developed and developing countries. ELSA, benefits, risks, developing countries, developed countries, medicine, energy, ICT
Nanoscale Nanoscale, nature
How is nano special Nanoscience, properties
Nanotechnology in medicine Nanotechnology, medicine
Energy and the environment Nanotechnology, energy, environment
Nanotechnology and ICT Nanotechnology, ICT
Virtual labs      
Electronic Nose   Nanotechnology, research, biosensors, electronic nose, clean room
Bone reconstruction     Nanotechnology, research, stem cells, bone reconstruction, clean room
Hands-on experiments      
Superhydrophobic materials
Nanotechnology, nature, biomimetics
Gold Nanosensor Nanotechnology, sensors, self assembly
Natural nanomaterials Nanoscale properties, nature, food technology
Liquid Crystals Nanotechnology, sensors, self assembly
Virtual dialogue      
Antibacterial socks 11-13 / 14-18 Social aspects, environment, antibacterial nanoparticles
Nano toothbrush 11-13 / 14-18 Social aspects, environment, antibacterial nanoparticles
Nano sunscreen 11-13 / 14-18 Social aspects, health care, nanoparticles
GPS jacket 11-13 / 14-18 Social and ethical aspects, nanotechnology nanoelectronics
Nano coating 11-13 / 14-18 Social aspects, environment, nanotechnology
Future light source 11-13 / 14-18 Ethical aspects, nanotechnology
Role play      
Antibacterial socks   Social aspects, environment, antibacterial nanoparticles
Nanosensors used for medical diagnostics   Ethical aspects, medicine, sensors, nanotechnology
Pioneering cancer therapy using nanoparticles coated with a gold shell   Ethical aspects, medicine, nanoparticles, nanotechnology
GPS jacket   Social and Ethical aspects, nanotechnology, nanoelctronics
Want to be a superhuman   Social aspects, medicine, nanotechnology
Improve human brain capabilities   Ethical aspects, medicine, neural interface, nanoelectronics
Nanoparticles to detect food freshness   Legal aspects, biosensors, electronic nose
The “internet of things”   Social and Ethical aspects, ICT, nanoelectronics
Revolution for the light bulb   Legal aspects, energy, quantum dots, nanoelectronics
Nano-based solar cells   Social aspects, energy, environment, nanomaterials, nanoelectronics
Jigsaw puzzle      
Jigsaw puzzle Nanoscale, nanotechnology applications
Memory game      
Memory game Nanoscale, nanoscience, basic concepts, nanotechnology applications
Time machine      
Time machine Human needs, invention, innovation, nanoscale, nanotechnology, impacts of technology, telephone, light bulb

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