In diesem Teil gibt es Ressourcen für Hands-on Aktivitäten, die im Klassenraum, in Wissenschaftszentren oder zu Hause durchgeführt werden können, so dass die TeilnehmerInnen verschiedene Eigenschaften des Nanomaßstabes und einige seiner möglichen Anwendungen erleben können.

Neben den von NANOYOU entwickelten Tools gibt es in diesem Teil auch Ressourcen von anderen Websites.

Andere Ressourcen

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The NanoSchoolBox is an experimental kit that provides students and teachers with the opportunity to complete nanotechnology experiments or demonstrations. The kit is produced by NanoBioNet. The following document provides some examples of these...
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AccessNano is an Australian nanotechnology educational resource designed to introduce accessible and innovative science and technology into casino spiele secondary school classrooms. On their website, there are several teaching modules available...
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Science in School is a science education journal that aims to promote inspiring science teaching by encouraging communication between teachers, scientists, and everyone else involved in European science education. It was originally supported by...
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The Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) is a US based community that links researchers working on nanoscale sciences and engineering with informal science educators in order to foster public awareness, engagement, and a better...
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