Founded in 1987, ARTTIC (ART) is the leading European group providing consultancy and management services to international technology-related partnerships. ART is specialised in providing services related exclusively to the set-up and management of European R&D collaborations and has expertise in IT, telecommunications, transport, education, health, bio-technologies, the automotive industry, aeronautics, industrial technologies, new materials and microelectronics. 

The Israeli branch of ART is the leading service provider for European R&D funding for Israeli organisations. They have been successfully involved in setting up and managing numerous projects with leading industrial companies and academia.

ART has run several support contracts in the IST, ESPRIT, BRITE EURAM, Transport and Telematics Programmes. Some of them can be considered as precursors of the Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence: PROMETEUS, ATLANTIC, LCCN, HPCN-TTN, ANIMATE, TREASURE, MENUSIM, UCAMS I & II, MAXICO, SURGE and OSAF 1 & 2. Extending its previous experience, ART has developed a strong expertise in the various European Commission Framework programme instruments.  This began with two pre-FP6 projects (so called “Roadmap projects”) from the IST programme (Time2Learn and RESET).  ART then collaborated with the French Ministry of Industry to analyse the first FP6 Expressions of Interest and conducted several training sessions on the organisation of Integrated Projects and Network of Excellence for large French research organisations.  ART has successfully assisted in the development of IP's and STREP's (INSPIRED, EPERSPACE, FUNGENES, RIGHT, VIVACE, VITAL, TIRAMISU, REACT).