Educators: We need your feedback


The NANOYOU project is reaching its end soon but the NANOYOU team is working on on finding a way to keep all the tools available online. The project has been highly successful and NANOYOU would like to thank all the schools, all the educators and all the students for their participation in the project.

European schools have participated -and some are still participating- in the NANOYOU project in different ways, and at this stage it is really important for the project developing team as well as for the policy makers to receive feedback on school activities in order to learn about the project's impact.

With the aim of gathering this feedback NANOYOU has developed a short questionnaire. We would highly appreciate you answering it, it will only take some minutes.We need your feedback to keep improving.

You can find the questionnaire here.

Thanks in advanced for your collaboration.

Tha NANOYOU team